Hey guys, it is quite understanding that number of computer viruses are increasing very rapidly and these days various people are being infected with these parasites. Many of the effective techniques have been introduced in the market which promises to remove all the harmful parasites from PC and some of them keep their promises and helps people to secure their computer from malware threats.

This article provides the detail about malware types and how they put negative impact on any compromised machine when got inside. Well, there are various type of computer threats such as trojan, browser hijacker, ransomware, fake security and adware. These are quite dangerous types of PC threat which can even corrupt Windows computer harshly. Lets go through the details :


Browser Hijacker : This type of infection generally attacks all major web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari and lets. Its basic intension is to redirects user’s web URL to phishing sites and increase traffic on it so that cyber crooks can earn benefit.

Adware : Such infections usually attacks web browser basically to show its annoying popup ads, online deals, offers, discount, advertisements and more. It earns money by fooling people and making fake promises to save their money while online shopping.

Fake Security Programs : This type of threat actually claims to be genuine, but are good for nothing and always ended up forcing you to buy its full version.

Resource Link Found : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-in/windows/how-remove-computer-virus#how-remove-computer-virus=windows-7

Trojan : Trojan infections are known to cause chaos into PC, corrupt Windows Registry and makes all the apps act weird resulting in non-responsiveness of PC.

Ransomware : Such infections locks compromised machine and demands for the ransom money in order to unlock system back again and make web criminals monetary benefited.

Now, the question is how can these threats be removed from computer system. Well, being technical is a very good thing. If you know how to handle system technically, then continue reading with manual removal process of computer infections.

How Can PC Threats Be Removed Manually

Step 1
Start your PC in “Safe Mode With Networking” by pressing F8.


Step 2
Open Task Manager and select all the malicious processes related to virus infection and then after click on “End Task” button.

Task Manager

Step 3
Type “regedit” in run window and open Windows Registry Editor. Choose all corrupt registries and click on “Remove”.

Registry Editor

Step 4
Open Control Panel. Select unwanted programs from the list and click on “Uninstall” button.

Control Panel

Well, now it is not tough to deal with any computer virus. One can easily get rid of such infection if mistakenly got attacked and can secure your PC from any terrible impact.

More Details Found : http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/protect/forum/protect_defender-protect_scanning/how-to-remove-browsermodifierwin32kipodtoolscby/67867e7b-d070-4a0d-a781-a95876a0b3e0

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