I am facing a big problem on my Mac OS, as not at all emptied the trash but by mistake sent a file into trash and now want to move it back. Can’t find trash folder Mac in order to retrieve back the file which was mistakenly sent into trash. At the time of upgrading my system, I can’t find trash folder Mac anywhere through the finder. Nor given the option of seeing the trash from my finder or searching for it. As, I don’t want to empty the trash folder since the file is there that need to be retrieve out.

In case finder can’t find trash folder Mac then it might be possible trash folder is stored in a hidden privilege, due to which the finder is unable to find it out. Regarding this discussion is also done from where you can gain more info about can’t find trash folder mac.

However, it’s not possible to unpin the trash, and isn’t readily available in Finder. On the other end Trash is aggregated from the files stored in a hidden. Trashes directory in the root directory of each mounted volume and due to that you can’t add it to Finder as a regular folder. But you could probably get a similar behavior by creating an Apple Script application.

To do so, open Apple Script Editor, enter the following and save as application :

Add it to the Finder’s sidebar and it will show the Trash when simply clicked on to it, and move all the items dropped onto it to the Trash.

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Software Name


User’s Rating


Stellar Mac Data Recovery 10.00 / 10
Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery 9.50 / 10 
Remo Mac Data Recovery 9.30 / 10
Data Rescue 4 9.15 / 10

Two Simple And Easy Steps For Can’t Find Trash Folder Mac

Manual Steps To Find Trash Folder Mac

Open the Finder, and set a window to column view mode (Command-3), then press Shift-Command-G (the shortcut for Go -> Go to Folder). In the drop-down sheet that appears, enter ~/.Trash and press Return. It will open a window showing the contents of your user’s trash can. In case, if your machine has only one hard drive or partition on its hard drive, this folder reflects the contents of the actual trash can.

Automatic & Top Rated Software For Can’t Find Trash Folder Mac

1st Rank Recovery Software : Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Stellar is one of the best professional Mac data recovery software that is helpful for the recovery of the lost data on your Mac OS. This software is helpful to recover the data that get emptied out of the trash folder or can’t find trash folder mac and also helpful to defense against data loss and its recovery. Further, by the use of stellar Mac data recovery you can easily find out the invisible trash folder on your Mac OS. Moreover the recovery tool also supports flash drives that get formatted with FAT, NTFS or ExFAT. On the other end it also empowers you to recover the entire data which get deleted from BootCamp partition. Thus, the tool has a knack of recovering the files with their original names for all recently deleted ones. Beside all these the software also supports recovery of files from encrypted disk drives.

Key Features Of Stellar Mac Data Recovery :-

  • Helpful to recover data from an inaccessible volume.
  • It restore volumes which get accidentally deleted.
  • Also helpful to recover lost data from media from a virus attack or deletion.
  • Quickly and easily recover the data even after permanently trashed.

Advantage & Disadvantage Of Stellar Mac Data Recovery :-

Advantage :-

  • It has really user’s friendly interface.
  • Fast and easy installation of the software.
  • Quickly scan and recover the lost data.

Disadvantage :-

  • It is not fault-tolerant.
  • Scanning and recovery speed rate is below the average for both HDDs and SSDs.

User Guide For Stellar Mac Data Recovery :-

  • Step 1 : At first install the software and then click on ‘Recover Data’ and start to scan.

  • Step 2 : Quick recovery scanning is in process.

  • Step 3 : Hold for sometime to finish the scanning process.

  • Step 4 : Then preview the scan result.

  • Step 5 : After then select the files that you want to recover and start the recovery process.

  • Step 6 : Select the destination to save the recovered files.

  • Step 7 : This message is on to advice users for checking data saving destination.

  • Step 8 : Lastly, recovered data is saved at your desired location.

2nd Rank Recovery Software : Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery

Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery

Tenorshare is yet another professional Mac data recovery software which help you to easily recover or repair the lost corrupted data from your Mac OS. Further, it also help to find trash folder mac and the relevant data which are there within the trash folder. Moreover, the recovery software is also helpful for the recovery of lost data from any HFS+, HFS, EXT2, EXT3, NTFS and FAT file system based media which include external hard drive, memory stick, memory card, USB drive, pen drive and such more. Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery has won a great reputation among its users.

Salient Features Of Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery :-

  • It has ease free user friendly interface.
  • Ability for recovery of deleted, corrupted, inaccessible or formatted data on Mac machine.
  • Easily and quickly recover data from various secondary storage media such as USB drive, external hard drive, pen drive, floppy drive, memory card etc.
  • Reliable and 100% risk free.
  • It is compatible with common HFS+, HFS, EXT2, EXT3, NTFS and FAT file system volume.

Advantage & Disadvantage Of Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery :-

Advantage :-

  • Fast scan and quickly recover the deleted files.
  • It supports all Windows, Mac, and Linus file types.
  • Recovers many file types.
  • It supports almost all external devices.

Disadvantage :-

  • Software has no option to scan particular folder as it need to scan the entire drive.
  • Does not display system drive names.
  • The trial version of the software has the ability to recovers only 500 MB data.
  • It come along with a price tag.

Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery User Guide :-

  • Step 1: At first Click on “Partition Recovery” in the Home Window.

  • Step 2: Select the target drive and click “Scan”. It will show two search options: Quick Search and Complete Search. By default, the application will use “Quick Search” to find your partitions. This option will find your recently lost partitions in seconds. To find more lost partitions, switch to “Complete Search” and scan again.

  • Step 3: All the volumes are listed. Select the volumes from which you need to recover data, and then click “Next” to proceed.

  • Step 4: All the recoverable files in this volume are shown. Select the files you need and click “Recover”. Before recovery, it enables you to preview photos and audios to check if they are your need.

  • Step 5: Lastly, specify a location to save the lost files. You must not save them to the partition where your lost files located before.

3rd Rank Recovery Software : Remo Mac Data Recovery

Remo Mac Data Recovery

Remo is another powerful and comprehensive data recovery software for Mac OS X. As its powerful built-in scanning algorithm helps in finding and recovering deleted files, files that get lost due to application errors, finding trash folder in mac, deleted or missing volumes, re-formatted volumes and re-partitioned Mac drives.

Remo Mac Data Recovery is available in three editions :-

  • Remo Recover (Mac) – Basic Edition : It provides recovery of deleted files from Mac OS extended partitions / volumes and thus has the ability to choose and recover lost files by using the signature search.
  • Remo Recover (Mac) – Media Edition : It is designed especially to recover popular media files such as photos, audio, videos files including the digital RAW photo, which is generated by professional digital cameras.
  • Remo Recover (Mac) – Pro Edition : It give you complete data recovery assistance, which help you to recover lost files I.e documents, images, spreadsheets, archives etc; with the help of signature search which deep scan your drive.

Key Features Of Remo Mac Data Recovery :-

  • It is help to recover lost/deleted files from Mac volumes.
  • Supports recovery of files from HFS+, HFSX formatted Mac volumes.
  • Recovered data can be sorted on the basic of name, date, size and file type.
  • Also recover the deleted files, which have been emptied from trash.
  • All the recovered data can be view in a Mac finder styled interface.

Advantage & Disadvantage Of Remo Mac Data Recovery :-

Advantage :-

  • It is 100% safe, easy and secure.
  • Free from virus / malware.
  • 24×7 free technical support.
  • User friendly software.
  • It creates disk images for bad sectors.

Disadvantage :-

  • Not able to recover data from a corrupted drive with Remo Recover (Mac).
  • More function and features will get with basic edition and it is too expensive.
  • In basic edition you will not be able to recover media files like photos, audios, and videos.

User Guide Remo Mac Data Recovery :-

  • Step 1: First launch the software, select “Recover Files” option from the main screen. On next window, select “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files”.

  • Step 2: Then select file recovery option, on the next screen select the volume from which you want to recover files.

  • Step 3: On the next screen, select file type, that need to be recover.

  • Step 4: Once the recovery process gets over, the list of recovered files from the drive, will be displayed.

  • Step 5: Use Save Recovery Session option for saving recovery process to avoid re-scanning of the drive.

4th Rank Recovery Software : Data Rescue 4

Data Rescue 4

Data Rescue 4 is another powerful and efficient Mac data recovery software for your Mac OS X. It is simple and easy to use and is highly effective in recovering deleted files and also helpful in finding trash folder mac. Easily recovers all files types from any hard drive or the files you need to recover. It work on all PC hard drives even if they fail to mount or only partially operate.

Features Of Data Rescue 4 :-

  • It can recovers all file types from any HFS/HFS+ formatted drive.
  • Recovers your entire Mac hard drive or the files you need.
  • It can works on all Mac hard drives.
  • Tuned for all modern Mac OS versions 10.8 and newer.

Advantage & Disadvantage Of Data Rescue 4 :-

Advantages :-

  • Quickly scan all the drive, folders and files.
  • It help the system to prevent from future disasters.

Disadvantages :-

  • It need a separate drive.
  • Another physical location is needed to store rescue data.

Guide To Install Data Rescue 4 On Your PC :-

  • Download and install the recovery software on your system.
  • Press Next button to continue with the installation process.

  • Click on browser to change the installation location and then press install.

  • Click finish to launch the software.
  • Click on to “ I Agree” and paste the software serial number.

  • Lastly, click on to “Activate” button and start to recover your lost, deleted data and files.

Free Recovery Software : Pandora Mac Data Recovery

Pandora Mac Data Recovery

Pandora yet another powerful and an excellent free Mac data recovery software tool. It can recover all type of data and also helpful to find trash folder mac. However, Pandora recovery’s interface seems to be a little cluttered and complicated, and the wizard which is included within the program is the easiest to use and to understand it. Its surface scan method help to recover many kinds of files from the drives that has been formatted. Thus, without paying a single penny you can recover all your deleted, lost, corrupted files and data by using the Pandora Mac Data Recovery.

Key Features Of Pandora Mac Data Recovery :-

  • Enables you to retrieve deleted files.
  • Also easily retrieves compressed, hidden, archived, system, encrypted, sparse and hidden files.
  • Recover deleted files on the same drive that the files resided before.
  • Enables preview of drive and file properties.
  • Enables surface scan, which allows you to recover files from reformatted media.

Advantage & Disadvantage Of Pandora Mac Data Recovery :-

Advantages :-

  • Software download is relatively small.
  • Easy to use wizard.
  • Easily and quickly recovers data from almost any connected storage device.

Disadvantages :-

  • It must be installed on computers no portable version.
  • It prompt to install browser toolbar during program installation.

Guide To Use Pandora Mac Data Recovery :-

  • Step 1. Run Pandora Mac Data Recovery software on your computer and select a recovery method.
  • Step 2. After the select a drive to recover missing files and file types and start the scanning process. Browse on existing and deleted files or use the Search tool to get the files if you remember at least its size, file name, or the date it was last accessed.

  • Step 3. Finally, click on Recover Now to be able to save the recovered files on your computer.

Download Pandora

Final Statement :-

Overall, came to conclude that mentioned above recovery software worked well in respective fields due to variation in its features. Each of the software is efficient and highly effective for the recovery of the data. Apart from all the above mentioned software, I would still recommend Stellar Mac Data Recovery one of the best data recovery software for your Mac OS X. As Stellar recovery software is expert and did an excellent job in recovering images, documents, files, folders etc that get lost due to deletion or being corrupt. Stellar Mac Data Recovery software has scored a good position above average for retrieving of the lost data and files. Lastly, like to say that Stellar is one of the best Mac data recovery software.

Know How To Install Stellar Mac Data Recovery On Your PC

In manner to install Stellar Mac Data Recovery, just follow the steps which is given below :-

  • Step 1 : Firstly, unzip Stellar Mac Data Recovery zip file.
  • Step 2 : After the double click on the file. This will mount a virtual volume – Stellar Mac Data Recovery.
  • Step 3 : Drag the recovery application from mounted virtual volume to applications folder.
  • Step 4 : To launch the recovery software, double click on Stellar Mac Data Recovery in the applications folder.
  • Step 5 : After doing so, accept the license agreement and Stellar Mac Data Recovery software is displayed on the main window.

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