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Microsoft Plugs Edge Browser As Power Miser

About the Microsoft’s Edge lower consumption of power, Microsoft is hoping to turn around the downturn by beating the drum in the adoption of Edge. Yesterday, Microsoft claimed that in its own tests, it has been shown that Edge which […]

The fight over a new Wi-Fi channel is coming to a head

To open a new Wi-Fi channel under it control, plan of GlobalStar after years of regulatory wrangling, is nearing the moment of truth. The U.S Federal Communications Commission is considering plan of GlobalStar, and a vote can come at any […]

Google says welcome to the Cloud 2.0

They want to analyze data when know that enterprises are in the cloud Initial entrance of enterprises into the cloud is over and now they are seeing or witnessing the Cloud 2.0 arrival. This is the word from Diane Greene, […]

Google-Oracle Android copyright fight goes to the jury

There is a fight between Google and Oracle’s Android about the copyright and now it is up to jury members. The companies are still sparing over “fair use” of some code of Java. On Monday, Google and Oracle’s fierce court […]

Satya Nadella Says : It’s Going To Be Man With Machines

A technological future is being imagined where it could be possible that computers can learn human language and can easily have conversation with the people. Satya Nadella, who is an India-born CEO of Microsoft has said that companies need to […]

Internet security : Indian Businesses Under Fire

From data breaches to digital extortion, the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report of the year 2016 provides insights into the murky or cloudy world of digital threats. In the report, it has been revealed about the organization shift by cyber […]

IT hiring may fall 20% this year: Nasscom

According to the research of Nasscom, as major IT players like Infosys and TCS are focusing on more automatic and so they are hiring lesser number of employee, due to this IT industry will 20% less recruitment this year than […]

Apple iPhone Unlocking Maneuver Likely To Remain Secret

A man on his iPhone shows a protest message in a small rally which was in support of Apple’s refusal to help FBI to access gunman’s cellphone who in the San Bernardino in Santa Monica, California, US was involved in […]

New world record in 5G wireless spectrum efficiency

To achieve 1.59G bit/s over a 20 MHz radio channel Date – March 23rd, 2016 Summary – Engineers have done new research and demonstrated how massive antenna system can offer 12-fold increase in spectrum efficiency in comparison with current 4G […]