With the advancement in technology, almost every people wish to complete their task in a very less time. They don’t want to waste much time on a single work that they are doing on their computers which stores large number of folders, images, audios, videos files and several other documents. For the ease of the people, Microsoft Outlook have introduced PST files (Personal Storage Table) which stores user’s all details, such as sent and received emails, meeting schedules, update information in calenders, add new contact in address book, notes, tasks and so on. Due to these facilities, Microsoft Outlook has become quite popular amongst professionals as well as individuals.

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Due to some issues or wrong action, PSF files becomes inaccessible and users becomes unable to access their files, send or receive emails and lost whole control. There are several reason which often lead to corruption in PST files.

images (1)Reasons for PST files Inaccessibility

  • Accidental deletion of data kept in PST files.
  • Corruption happens in PST file if file size crosses its limit.
  • Virus or malware infection.
  • Shortage of power.
  • Improper shut down of system.
  • Damage in the network device.
  • Other human issues or factors.

What Happens After the Corruption of PST Files

images-1-300x147After the corruption of the PST files, you might face lots of troubles. You will be unable to access your files stored into PST and might lost your important documents such as meeting, schedules, calenders, emails and so on. Corruption leads to severe data loss and makes you unable to use any of the data kept in the PST files. Due to such corruption, email messages will not be sent immediately or might not be sent and will remain in the Out-box folder. Error occurs when you try to send email via other programs or during mail merge.

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Error Messages Occurs After Corruption In PST Files

imagesOnce PST files gets corrupted, following error messages can be seen on the screen ;

  • Scanpst.exe not found.
  • Scanpst fails with error 80040806.
  • can not find .pst files.
  • File xxxx.pst could not be found.

Hence, all the above details shows that what is PST, how it gets infected or corrupted, what are the causes and what error messages occurs after corruption. There are some sources available with the help of which one can easily fix their Scanpst.exe error and can their access their PST files once again without any other issue.

I have found below given source link quite very helpful in fixing Scanpst.exe error and helping people to stay away from any such kind of corruption.

Source link : http://en.scanpsterror.com/

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