download (2)Well, there is no doubt that Microsoft Outlook is one of the most efficient and useful email application which has lots of services and features and it helps its users in various ways. It offers Personal Storage Table (PST) in which you can store all the details about your working such as sending and receiving emails, calenders, meeting schedule, contact, notes, important data and lots more. All these data are kept in Outlook Data files and holds the extension of .pst or .ost files. As it holds all your important details and hence it is called Personal Information Management. It is quite very popular among various people and is used in large organization as well.

Here, you will be familiar with various effective features of Microsoft Outlook which would let you how efficient and useful it is. Go through below given list.

Salient Features of Microsoft Outlook

  • It lets you easy access to your mail, attachments, messages etc. much faster.
  • It provides you weather forecast features with the help of which you can plan your day’s schedule.
  • You have facility to integrate your Outlook with mobile devices.
  • You can save your all contacts in it and can also send messages to the contact list directly.

After having all such facilities, you will be happier to have Microsoft Outlook PST files for the storage of your important documents, note, emails, messages and many more.

However, in some circumstances, PST files may gets damaged and you will be error messages on your computer screen. If such thing happens, you will surely be unable to access your PST files. Below the list of common errors are given which occurs due to damaging of PST files and make them inaccessible completely.

  • 0x800CCC03 – User already connected
  • 0x800CCC17 – User cancelled operation
  • 0x800CCC0B – Server busy or incorrect domain on sender’s email address
  • 0x800CCC05 – Not connected to server
  • 0x800CCC11 – Mailing list not known on server
  • 0x800CCC0D – Cannot locate server
  • 0x800CCC0E – Cannot connect to server
  • 0x800CCC0F – Connection closed
  • 0x800CCC01 – Invalid certificate content / 0x800CCC02 – Invalid certificate date

If you have encountered such error messages on your PC screen while opening PST files, then you just don’t worry now. To resolve this issues, you can opt for Outlook Repair Software which has been designed specially by the computer experts to resolve such type of issues immediately and make files stored in Personal Storage Table or PST accessible once again.

download (1)Useful Features of Outlook Inbox Repair Software

  • This software is designed with latest technology to restore PST files.
  • It is quite efficient to repair components of corrupted Outlook such as notes, calender, email, journals, messages, inbox and more.
  • It is so advance that it can recover password protected PST files and even those PST files also which are highly encrypted.
  • This tool is capable to restore even deleted and lost data as well.
  • It has compatibility to work with MS Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.
  • It supports all Windows OS versions such as XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Well, if you are one to lose your PST files access, then you can use Outlook Inbox Repair Software and get back all your lost, deleted, corrupted and missing data immediately.

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