They want to analyze data when know that enterprises are in the cloud

Initial entrance of enterprises into the cloud is over and now they are seeing or witnessing the Cloud 2.0 arrival. This is the word from Diane Greene, who is senior vice president for Cloud Business of Google.

The first phase of the cloud involves water testing, figures out how companies could save in-house effort and more time by having services and apps running the cloud and also using the cloud for the storage of data. The top most concerns were reliability and security.


Fast forward many more years, the enterprises that have moved to the cloud, have now solved many of their problems and worries, and also figured out what they actually want like public, private or hybrid cloud and also have chosen vendors of their own.

Now, CIOs want to do something more than just to collect and store their data and simply to run their apps in the Cloud.

Now, they want to make use of that crush of data to find out all business issues, like why in Europe sales are going crazy or why some laptops are selling in the North America region but not in the region of Asia. Companies just want to know about what patterns are being appeared in the data and what is the mean of anomalies.

Well, with the help of Cloud and machine-learning based analytic tools, now, enterprises are in much more better condition to get answers of those questions.

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During Google I/O last week, Greene told to Computerworld that “now, its just given that you have much more cost-effective and reliable way of computing”. “The 2.0 of the cloud is actually the data and also to understand the data. You are now in the cloud, how do take privilege or advantage of it so that your business can be operated in a whole new level”.

Greene has said that the cloud is the biggest technology revolution in her whole life time and also said that machine learning is changing way by which companies use the cloud and also think about its potential atleast.

She also added that, “The revolution of the cloud is all about the economics of scale”. “Its really all about data and nothing else”. Every body or every people can share the data all of a sudden. How we think, for which we have turned a corner. Machine learning generates or boost incredible values to a company. It has the ability to get insights in which you were not getting earlier. The could is enabling more people to create a lot more value than before.

Patrick Moorhead, who is an analyst with Moor insights & Strategy said that, he is agree with Greene that IT has entered in the second generation of the Cloud.

download (2)Machine learning which came out of the study of computational learning and pattern recognition, is perfect for all this. Algorithms are being used in the technology which learns from the continuous or repeated data use, and also enable them to become much more better & better at insights finding and give answers without being expressly programmed for them on where to look.

The more data machine learning is used to work with, the better it learns from there.

With the help of larger stores of data, a better job of answering questions for businesses is expected from machine learning and so as it do. The technology could an company of oil to find more informations in order to get next oil pocket which is great, a chain of grocery story on how to sell butter in larger quantity and also for an automaker to build or make a more safer and more energy efficient automobile.

According to Greg DeMichillie who is the director of product management for Google’s Cloud platform, “Companies are digital pack rats just because they does not pay to throw useless data away. He also said that, “Machine learning is bringing on the next transformative wave in Cloud and in the IT.

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Dinesh Ganesan who is a Consultant with Octo Consulting Group which usually works with government agencies said that may enterprises are looking for Google to get help for their cloud analytics.

Jorel Perez, who is a San Antonio-based mobile web developer works for a Fortune 500 financial services company said that, cloud may be moving into the era of 2.0 and he is also looking forward to what this actually mean for the enterprise.

He also said that, “we have just started the time line”, and added “Cloud 1.0 has ended just. I think we have started Cloud 2.0 but there is still many more to come”.

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