notebook, and two persons on white background

notebook, and two persons on white background

These days, technology is growing very fast and several tasks are get done via computer and Internet. Regular internet users daily surfs various websites out of which many of the sites are unreliable. As we all know, computers plays vital roles in out tasks get done, it is quite necessary to provide complete security to your PC. Yes, you guessed it right. This whole blog discusses about insecurity as well as virus infection into computers, will let you know how PC threats are getting spreaded worldwide, how they are infecting different computer very rapidly and what effective methods should be taken to ensure system protection.

There are various types of malwares which are widely spreaded all across the world and usually infects computers with windows operating system. Trojan, Adware, Fake Security, Ransomware, Browser Hijacker, Rootkit, Worm etc. are the types of viruses which infects PCs in different ways. Lets us here discuss all the malware types in brief :

Trojan : It is a stubborn type infection which is known basically to snatch system access from victim users. Also, it corrupts Windows Registry Editor and reduces PC performance speed gradually. Trojan threat injects suspicious code into PC boot section and allow web criminals to access your computer system.

Browser Hijacker : This type of infection usually known to attack various web browsers such as Google Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and others. It works mainly for the benefit of web hackers and increases web traffic on malicious sites by redirecting user’s web page URLs.

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Adware : Adware threats are generally defined as virus which displays various advertisements, popup ads, sponsored products, online deals, special coupon vouchers, discount offers, contextual links, commercial ads etc. on the system screen is known as adware infection. Well, this is another fact that these ads or offers are completely useless and are of no use.

Fake Security : Such type of infection you will usually find claiming to be legitimate security program. It is sole intension is to sell its license key and earn benefit for the illegal people. These types of threats trap you into vicious plan and trick you to pay money for a fake security tool.

Ransomware : Ransomware are generally classifies as very dangerous PC threat which locks targeted computer entirely and encrypts all the data which are kept inside. However, an error message will seen on your screen which demands for the payment of money to get all the files decrypted back again.

If you even once got hit by any of these threat, you will surely lose your system control. Hence, you should take some preventive measures to secure your computer from getting infected by malware threats.

  • Use strong password containing uppercase letter, symbol and numeric as well.
  • Avoid visiting malicious websites or downloading free stuffs.
  • Scan external device before use.
  • Regularly scan your PC and detect for malware infections.

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