Number of computer users are increasing very rapidly and it has been found that several users are thoroughly using internet. Well, in this vast internet world, there are several illegal people who always look for a single chance to sneak into user’s PC and disturb them while working. However, in such scenario, it becomes quite necessary to pay proper attention while browsing and always use a trusted antivirus program for the better security of your computer system. Now, lets learn here how virus infection gets sneaked into PC, what are its dangerous impacts on system and how this issue can be resolved.


There are many more ways with the help of which harmful parasites slips into computer and they do not even require to take approval prior to their entrance. Usually, computer threats comes packaged along with free downloaded stuffs from internet, junk mails with suspicious attachments, malicious websites, p2p file sharing etc. and gets added into PC when you install any third party software program into your PC without reading its license terms.

Here the question arises, what does these threats do when got added into windows computer. Is it so harmful and how does it makes system compromised or useless for long time when got inside? Below it is given in list wise :

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How Harmful Threats Damage Windows Computer

  • PC threats immediately changes entires default setting of system including homepage and DNS configurations.
  • It disables task manager as well as firewall and makes all the security programs completely useless.
  • Computer bugs are very dangerous that can infect important area of the PC and deletes several crucial data files.
  • Such threats often modifies web browser settings and causes havoc when go online.
  • It disturbs your browsing activities, redirects your web URL to dubious web pages and lets you have worst browsing experience.
  • Gradually degrades PC performance speed and makes installed apps act weird.

Well, there is nothing to worry about if you are expert in system handling. Lets, read here how can harmful PC bugs can be removed manually. Continue reading here :

Tips To Remove PC Threats Manually

Step 1
Start PC in “Safe Mode With Networking” by pressing F8.


Step 2
Open Task Manager by holding Alt+Del+Ctrl together and select all the malicious processes, then click on “End Task”.

Task Manager

Step 3
Press Win + R to open Windows Registry Editor. Choose all corrupted registries added by bugs and click on “Remove” button.

Registry Editor

Step 4
Open Control Panel and click on Add/Remove Programs. Select all the unwanted programs and click on “Uninstall”.

Control Panel

Well, it is a very advanced world, so here everything is possible. If anyhow virus threats gets added into your computer, you can now easily throw them out from your computer and can secure your PC from any severe danger or infection.

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