Cyber crimes are increasing very rapidly with the increase in the use of computers. These days, cyber criminals are causing lots of issues with developing ransomware infection. Yes, ransomware threat are those PC infections which traps victim users into their vicious plan and generate revenue for them. Hence, in such scenario, it is quite necessary to do complete care of the computer system from harmful parasites and always provide security to your PC.

Figure1What Ransomware Threat Does On Computer

As soon as ransomware bug got slipped into any windows computer, soon after that it initiates to continue its evil tasks. Such threats firstly execute command prompt of the affected computer to inject malicious code deep into system root. Once this happened, you will find your computer locked and entire files, folders, documents etc. gets encrypted. Yes, files getting encrypted means that you won’t be able to access those files any more and will lose system control. Now, your files will be used as hostage and hence you will have to pay money against the decryption key to unlock your PC and decrypt all the data files of computer system.

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How Harmful Ransomware Threat Is

Once entered, ransomware snatches your system access from your hand and allow web criminals to modify your default system settings remotely. Presence of such infection means you are now blocked to do any activities on your computer and can not access PC anymore. Getting stolen your confidential information is even more worst part of this infection which is quite very risky and put a stain on your identity.

Resources Which Delivers Ransomware Infections

  • Malicious websites, social networking sites or pornographic web pages.
  • Download of online free stuffs or third party software programs.
  • Open spam emails or reading suspicious attachments.
  • Use of infected external storage devices without scanning.
  • Sharing peer to peer file over the Internet network sources.

Well, as it is clearly mentioned above that ransomware threats are quite very risky and dangerous as well and hence one should take proper care of their windows from such type of malware infections or bugs.

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Preventive Measures To Be Taken For System Security

  • download (1)Always scanning external storage device before use.
  • Avoid visiting malicious, unknown or suspicious web pages.
  • Stop yourself from downloading pirated software or other free stuffs from internet.
  • Always use strong password for your computer containing upper case letter, lower case letter, symbol and numeric character.
  • Use a activated and strong security tool for system protection.
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