For Microsoft’s hardware efforts, what’s next? If believe on recent reports, it simply looks like an all-in-one desktop which is on the way.

In recent years, Microsoft has made hardware which is more of a priority, what with the Surface Book laptop and Surface Pro line of tablets. But, all these devices might be just the starting of Redmond’s PC push. If the couple of some new reports provides any indication, then into the desktop PC game the company is also about to jump.

On Friday, Windows Central reported that on the Surface AIP, the company is hard at work and also on the all-in-one desktop PC which could soon join Microsoft’s existing Surface product lineup.

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From Digitimes, the Windows Central reports reinforces the veracity of a previous report, which actually claimed that “in the 2016 third quarter at the earliest” Microsoft would introduce a Surface desktop PC. Daniel Rubino of Windows Central casts several doubts on the time frame, nothing that, “our sourcing suggests that at this time, all such details are undecided”.

Although, specs are mostly still unknown, both Windows Central and Digitimes suggests that the timing which exact – and also the release of next-gen Surface Book – which actually depends on when upcoming Kaby Lake 14 – nanometer of Intel are ready.

We also don’t know how or what a Surface AIO would seem to be, but Thurrott’s Brad Sams has pointed to a patent application that last year Microsoft has filed which actually shows the conceptual drawings of a PC which is all-in-one.


Microsoft The Surface Book and The Surface Pro 4 company may have soon.

The story behind the main story : Expansion of Microsoft into PC hardware comes at a time when the sales of PC in the recent year have taken a nosedive. In the very first quarter of year 2016, sales of PC in the worldwide has slumped nearly about 12 percent, in compared to the last year same time. Report of Gartner at the time, stated that “for US, there is no any particular motivation, in first quarter of 2016, to make consumers to purchase PCs”, as a whole, it is some harsh words for the industry.

A new way forwards for the PC?

Microsoft by its own may not be capable to get the computer PC back on track, but it can also help to provide the industry of PC to follow with a new direction – which is a little like how the Surface Book on the laptop put a new spin.

And as it is pointed out by Windows Central’s Rubino, to bring something new to the table (or the desktop, as it already were) Microsoft is uniquely positioned. As it is speculated by Rubino, a Surface AIO could end up after being an updated and consumer level version of PixelSense, the attempt of company at a touch centric tabletop computing device.

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If so, Microsoft from somewhat awkward-to-use device, can be able to take the touch screen all-in-one that it is now into something which is truly useful, unique and easy to use as well. Here is the hope.

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