A technological future is being imagined where it could be possible that computers can learn human language and can easily have conversation with the people. Satya Nadella, who is an India-born CEO of Microsoft has said that companies need to build very “respectful” technology which gets the humanity best part or can also say best of humanity and not the worst.


Here, in his keynote address at Microsoft’s annual Build 2016 conference, to thousands of developers that “We want to take most effective power of human language and apply it more pervasively to each & every computing interface and interactions”.

To do so, you must have to infuse your intelligence into the computers which are around us, you will bring forwards these technologies of artificial intelligence in machine learning, so that we can easily teach computers to learn the languages of humans, can have easy conversational understanding, can also teach them about the broad contexts of personal preferences also the knowledge so that they can easily help you into your daily or everyday task without any problem, added Nadella, 48.

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He has imagined a good future where the machine is not against the man, in fact, machines works with the humans effectively to offer seamless interface and also to experience in day-to-day learning.

Nadella also added that “All technology which we built has to be more respectful and inclusive”. We want to make or build best technology that gets the best of humanity and not do anything worst. Nadella said.

He also said that, “We want to build intelligence that augments human experience and abilities. Ultimately, it is not and never going to be men versus machines. It is always going to be about men with machines”.


Technology where there is human ability of judgement creativity, emotion and empathy, is combined with the fast computation and ability to reason over a very large amount of data. Nadella added.

“We want all the developer people to totally infuse their intelligence into their applications. It is really very important to have a principle approach when we infuse intelligence into everything”. He said.

Nadella said that “This will help us for sure to move our society in forward direction. You people will also have to build trust right on technology provided by us which means you will have to use or have out technology that has built-in-protections for privacy, security, transparency and compliance as well”.

Nadella has showcased improvements to Cortana and has also announced that previews of new cloud services and toolkits are designed to create intelligent bots.

Microsoft has announced new additions to the Cortana Intelligence Suite during the conference.

The first, Microsoft Cognitive Services, is simply a collection of intelligence Applications Program Interface (API) which allow system to speak, see, understand, hear and interpret need of a user by using natural method of communication.

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Satya Nadella said that “We want to take full power of human conversations and then apply it to everything else such as personal digital assistant which very well knows you and your entire world.

The “Rich World of Conversation” which Microsoft has imagined or envisaged, will have not only just people to people conversations but also those between people and their personal digital assistant, bots and even personal digital assistant who are calling on bots on the behalf of the users.

“This is the world which you are going to see in near years which are to come soon”, Nadella said, and also added that Microsoft is conceptualizing a platform where human language is just another and new user interface, digital assistants are the new browsers, bots are new applications and “intelligence is totally infused into all of your interactions”.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft has noted that there is much more mainstream dialogue which are about the role of technology in the society and “this is the correct and right time to have all those dialogue”.

“We have these several profound questions as well as issues which are right in front of us. Is technology driving economic growth for everyone or is economic growth stalled inspite of technological span? Is technology empowering people or is it just displacing us? Is technology helping us to preserve our enduring values like privacy or is it just compromising it”. Satya Nadella said all these and have profound these questions.

Satya Nadella, the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft has added in his note that “I believe technology can easily drive economic growth to the entire worldwide. Technology has potential to empower us in our daily lives, and also be used to preserve out enduring values”.

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