To open a new Wi-Fi channel under it control, plan of GlobalStar after years of regulatory wrangling, is nearing the moment of truth.

The U.S Federal Communications Commission is considering plan of GlobalStar, and a vote can come at any time. According or New reports, it might have closed.

1In the U.S, Wi-Fi user will have one more channel if GlobalStar gets its way, which could improve performance and can reduce congestion. But, their both hotspots and mobile devices which they use, would require firmware upgrades in order to take advantage of the new frequency, and the channels would not be open to everyone necessarily.

To make fourth channel which is available in the unlicensed, plan of GlobalStar, often crowded 2.4GHz band which is used for Wi-Fi in the US. A part of this channels has been kept in the US as a guard bend only to protect satellite frequencies of GlobalStar, while several users in various other countries have been enjoying it for many more years.

Instead of this, the company wishes or wants to use that very guard band for a service based on Wi-Fi. In the US. Most Wi-Fi devices could be modified easily to tap into some extra channels.

Though, that thing sounds like a quite very generous move, it would usually comes with a catch. Unlikely to all other Wi-Fi channels, which don’t require permission and are generally open to any FCC-approved device, this one would be under the control of GlobalStar.

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It is not clear yet what that would actually mean. The plans of the company to use the channels for what it generally calls a TLPS (Terrestrial Low-Power Service) network. But Wi-Fi devices buyers can routers would required to get updates in order to use this special band. And a carrier which makes a deal with GlobalStar, who might be able to set channel totally aside for its own subscribers.

During the lengthy approval process at the FCC, the plan has come under very sharp criticism.

3The cable industry, Google, Microsoft and backers of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, all have filed comments in which they have urged the agency for not approving the TLPS scheme. The Bluetooth Special Interest says that at the FCC test have shown TLPS and it would interfere with bluetooth which uses part of channels already. The group also that it would be dangerous to different set of rules to one company for unlicensed spectrum while thousands more companies follow the standard regulations.

Roger Entner who is a analyst of Recon Analytics has said that “You don’t want to privatize Wi-Fi”. He also said that, a Pandora’s box will get opened due to any change in ground rules, potentially causing confusion in customers and causing other Wi-Fi operators such as cable companies in order to demand their own channel.

GlobalStar has declined to pass any comment on FCC proceedings. It has said that the TLPS network would not disrupts spectrum’s other uses.

If it sounds quite familiar, then it’s all because another company LightSquard, who few years ago, proposed its own plan to use satellite spectrum for a network which is land-based. It has too faced criticism over interference in that case with GPS (Global Positioning System). The FCC has shot down plan of LightSquard.

Here is one question i.e “why do satellite companies for other things keep trying to use their own frequencies”? This is because years ago, the FCC set aside those bands only for satellite services and this was when no one knew cellular covering so much of the countries would end up.

Phil Marshall who is a Tolga Research analyst said that, “you didn’t expect million of base situations to be deployed”.

Now, more than 90 per cent population of U.S is covered by cell networks, the market of satellite is limited only to market, few hard-core users and certain industries.

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But GlobalStar may end up succeeding where LightSquard may get failed. Tom Wheeler, chairman of FCC supports the plan of the company, by giving it a very big political boost. These days, the appetite for more Wi-Fi spectrum, even though a new and very complicated scheme, is one of the strongest forces.

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